To our wonderful I Nonni Community

It is very difficult to weigh the decision to close Osteria I Nonni for the health of our community, while at the same time supporting our employees. As we continue to travel down these uncharted waters, our amazing staff is pulling together to adapt so that we may try to accomplish both.

I Nonni will suspend restaurant seating beginning today. We WILL reopen once we feel we can provide service in a virus-free atmosphere!

We will have Osteria I Nonni Curbside service and Home delivery available starting tomorrow March 17th. You may order by phone or website beginning at 4pm each day, except Sunday:

651-905-1081 or

The website will take you to an Osteria I Nonni Menu page associated with Sunfish Cellars so you may order wine, beer, or spirits as well.

Although no employee has shown any symptoms, we feel this is the safest way to move forward. All kitchen staff will continue to be closely monitored for any health issues.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding!

Bill Miller